Top 5 Best Financial Websites For 2019

Investing is incredibly important to your personal wealth into the future. If you don’t invest, your money can’t grow and that can make it more difficult for you to retire when you want to. There are two ways you can go about investing: relying on an experienced and professional financial advisor or do-it-yourself.

More and more people invest online using a number of resources. While that’s beneficial, you also need to have access to the proper tools to help you understand the market, what is happening in the market, and how to determine where your money would best serve you.

Below are some of the top financial websites you might want to consider moving into 2019.

These guys offer a number of different financial tools ranging from 401k retirement calculator to budgeting software. They also have so great great guides that teach you the basics for investing. If you want to achieve financial freedom and you don’t believe you can, take a look at this site. The owner has an undergrad in Finance, MBA and is a certified financial planner. Sites does a great job breaking down complex financial data into something you can understand even without having a finance background.

Personal Capital

This is a finance app that helps you focus on your investing. This allows you to track expenses, review your investment plan, and helps you refine your focus. It will provide you a holistic overview of your current financial situation and subsequently provide you with the big picture that is difficult for many people to honestly assess. If you choose their premium service, you will get assistance determining your investment planning needs.


It is absolutely essential to have the right finance software to be able to track your expenses, earnings, assets, and other aspects to determine your true wealth and position financially. You can also link all of your accounts in one place using Quicken.

You can establish a budget, save receipts, and set up bill due date reminders so you make sure all of your expenses are taken care of when they are supposed to be.

This is a comprehensive finance application for anyone focused on improving their investment opportunities in the future.

Lending Club

When you’re looking for a peer to peer investing service, this will give you a great option for managing risk. You essentially become the loan officer for your own investment. It has the lowest available APR, which helps limit risk while also boosting potential return.


Doing your research is one of the most important aspects of positive financial investing. MorningStar is a great resource that can provide you information about proper asset allocation, investment vehicles that offer low fees, and investments that help generate consistent returns, rather than the get rich quick schemes so many people seem to chase.

When you get serious about your financial investments, building towards your retirement and future, then you need the best resources and tools at your disposal. These are some of the top ones you will find that will help you now and well into 2016.